Our Tiny Home

We bought a 2004 Jayco 31 BHS. This is what it looks like today. We plan to paint and decorate to make it look homier and once we are living in it, to make mods to utilize the space better. For today, here is where we hang our hats. Actually we didn’t bring hats because we didn’t have enough space. This is wear we take off our shoes.


IMG_1217IMG_1219Β IMG_1220 IMG_1222 IMG_1223 IMG_1226 IMG_1230


After the remodel…

IMG_4086 IMG_4090 IMG_4101IMG_4124 IMG_4120 IMG_4117


17 thoughts on “Our Tiny Home

  1. Though the title of the blog seemed scary…your new home is beautiful! It seems quite an adventure and fun at the same time.How are kids adapting to the new life style?
    Where are you all currently?

    • We are currently in Fort Worth, Texas. We are hoping to leave in the next few days. So great to hear from you. Are you enjoying the weather in Saudi? I love this time of year there.

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