Fulltime Family Buccaneer Bash 2014


Fulltime Family Buccaneer Bash 2014

Our official full-time lifestyle kicked off at the Fulltime Family Buccaneer Bash 2014 at Lazy Days in Tampa Florida over the weekend of February 6-9, 2014. We planned this as the beginning of our adventure to allow for all of us to meet friends and experienced travels who might offer advice and suggestions before we officially hit the road up north. It also allowed us to selfishly escape the very cold winter that was happening in Texas at the time we were ready to go and allow us to hibernate in warm weather until we could make our way up towards Alaska, our ultimate destination. This decision turned out to be a really great idea that far exceeded our expectations. The forty families in attendance ranged from dreamers who are not yet on the road to families that have chosen this lifestyle as a permanent one with no end in sight. The range in family structure and type of vehicle also varied widely. There were activities for everyone and our site rent included free breakfast and lunch at the community center. My favorite part of the weekend was the Parade of Home where each family opened up their home for anyone interested to walk through, ask questions and see how they live with favorite parts of their RV and what they would change if they could. The women and men split up for this one allowing the men to discuss rigs, tow vehicles and the like while the women concentrated on decorations, homeschool organizations and preparing food in small spaces. The whole weekend went off splendidly with the coordinator working behind the scenes to answer questions and keep everyone updated of changes on a special app and via the facebook page. All in all it was the perfect way to kick off our new lifestyle and my thanks go out to the whole Fulltime Family crew for providing such an incredible time for all of to enjoy. For more information on Fulltime Families click here.


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