Limbo Road

For the past few months we have been deep in decision mode. Talking and talking about life and what our next steps should be after a very successful Fulltime adventure. Ultimately the road is the place we want to be but our 17 year old son who is passionate about theatre needed a place to settle for a while and pursue his art. While it is possible to plant some place in an RV and get plugged into a theatre his real dream was to attend a certain performing arts school in Boston. So we headed there for his audition and we fell in love with the school. He was accepted and we enrolled and moved him in. And for the the three of us, we decided toreturn to the Middle East and our family of friends there. So, This Paisey Life is now headed back overseas for more international traveling adventures. When we are stateside we do plan to live our road life and our tiny home will wait here for us. I am happy to finally know what’s next. It’s been a long limbo.