Feeling Free

20140218-154102.jpgToday I feel three weeks old. We have been on the road as a full-time RV family for three weeks now and life feels so different. It isn’t the big stuff, like living in 200 square feet, or moving around all the time, or even the “no day looks the same” syndrome. It is all the teeny tiniest details that make me feel like my life is so very, very different than it was just three short weeks ago. When we moved to the middle east we made huge changes, we left the USA, we lived in a culture very different from the only one we’d known. Our neighbors did not have English as their first language. We made huge changes, everything felt different in big ways. But me, us, our family, our routines, how we acted toward each other, when we went to sleep, how we ate and what we said, that all stayed the same. We had routines of work, and school and life and social time. So we felt like us still. It was good. An experience I wouldn’t change for anything. We learned so much. Now we are back in the USA, we are living in familiar surroundings, we know the language, the shopping, the street signs. Life is easy. But in all the small ways life has shifted. We live simply, we have no schedule and no plan. We can do anything today, or tomorrow, or next month. We are flying free and floating with the weather and our whims. Life is so very, very different now. I feel like a new person. The boys are different. Scott is different. We act and talk and respond differently. It feels like we are all tuned in at a higher frequency. Like walking out of the theatre after a matinee movie and realizing that it is still daylight when I expected night. Everything is so bright and the whole world seems to open up. The possibilities seem endless. I’m not sure how long this feeling lasts but I hope I always remember it. Life is beautiful especially in the smallest tiniest details of feeling truly free.

12 thoughts on “Feeling Free

  1. I love this! You have captured the feeling so perfectly, hold onto it. I think with intention the feeling can last a long time!

  2. Wow Paige ! I am wishing for you and the family that emotion of ‘feeling free and happy’ will remain with you all your life. It is remarkable who wonderfully and quickly you all seem to adapt. Sending you good vibes, joy and peace !

  3. It sounds like an amazing experience, travelling around in an RV is something I would love for my family to do. Just having time together, experiencing new things.

    Sounds like you guys are really enjoying it too, look forward to following your journey 🙂


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