Competing Commitments. To write or not to write?

It’s been days since my last post and I have overwhelming guilt. Pile that on with all the other overwhelmed feelings I have these days and that just leaves me too confused to even feel able to type out a few words. When I started this blog I committed to myself that I would write. So, here I am writing even though I can only think about one thing. I want to leave, be done with this place and hit the road. We are so close. What is left is handling all those last little fragments of stuff that nag and drag out and make life so unbearable at times. It feels like two steps forward and three back right now. In the moments when I am procrastinating, unable or unwilling to take the next step with our departure, I have been reading a blog that is inspiring, helpful, smart and best of all not condescending to a new blogger like me. This woman, mother, wife, daughter, is like me and  yet very, very different than me too. She has an amazing way with words and instructs, struggles and learns all out in plain view where I can read, change direction, and sift through my own feelings all at the same time. So today I will be grateful for the distraction of Holistic Wayfarer. Tomorrow, who knows, maybe we will be ready.

8 thoughts on “Competing Commitments. To write or not to write?

  1. Great job – I didn’t even know how to use the hyperlink at your stage in the blogging. I appreciate the golden praise. You WRITE WELL. Your words run out from the heart, but thoughtfully so, and your diction is great. I’m excited for you! Lots going on in your heart.

      • Bringing up my reply comment under the Lighting Dynamite post which I put up the same time I last commented here – just in case you missed it. I sometimes don’t get notification of replies that sit on the blog I was talking with. It was about my username. If you did see it, of course please ignore this and there is no need to respond, either way.

        You are doing so well!

  2. Happy New Year Paige !!!! When did we talk about all this for the first time??? In 2004?? I am excited your adventure will start soon. Let go of your fears !!! There is not much a ‘green’ person cannot handle ! Lots of Love !

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