The journey begins.

I am beginning this blog, which is about a year long road trip, before the first miles begin. The journey of getting us on the road has officially started. We are in countdown mode with a departure date set for January 29th, at the latest. Me and my family currently are staying in Fort Worth at my Grandfather-in-law’s house. He passed away this summer and my husband, being the executor, needed to spend time here while settling the estate. We have been here for just over four months. Before this we lived in the Middle East for the last six years. My husband and me have dreamed about this year of living in an RV and traveling the USA for nearly seven years now. Our inspiration came after a personal growth seminar we attended. (see Klemmer and Assoc.) And although we weren’t sure what it was going to look like, we wanted to take some time off from the norm and spend time together as a family seeing this great country of ours and learning to live with less. Now, here we are finally about to embark on this dream and the nights have me so anxious I can hardly sleep. Will we really be able to live in something like 200 sq. ft.? Can I really feed all four of us from a kitchen with one cabinet, a few drawers, and no oven? And I don’t even want to think about the bathroom. Really I think about the bathroom too much. Then on the flip side, I have thoughts of what this life could mean for us, the simple life, the closeness to nature and my creator and the whole world and so much freedom right in front of us. It’s enough to make me giddy with excitement even considering the bathroom. So, here the journey begins. I am planning to post my thoughts along with working on my husband to post a few of his own on occasion, for a different point of view. I also plan to post photos of the travel trailer, our modifications to it, the costs and reviews of campgrounds, meals on the road and how we do it all. Welcome to my crazy life.

3 thoughts on “The journey begins.

      • Thanks for the follow. =) I’m excited for you! Just enjoy yourself. New bloggers have also found my Writing section under the My Topics helpful. There are two series on the writing process. You can tap any post title to open up the sidebar. Feel free to add to our discussions.

        All the best,

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